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Sun Tunnel Skylights Brighten Up Any Room

Sun Tunnel Skylight

Let The Sun Shine In!

Numerous studies show that exposure to natural light makes us happier and healthier, and maybe even more productive. When infused with home design, sunlight makes our living spaces more efficient as well.

Yet many homes have rooms that get little or no natural light, such as bathrooms, hallways, closets and laundry rooms. Dimly lit corners and other dark spaces come to life with solar skylight tunnels. These flexible tubes funnel light from the roof to the ceiling and into just about any corner of the house.


After – Natural light through any type of roofing or structure.

  • "Sun tunnels have flexible shafts that allow us to install them in many hard-to-reach areas where skylights cannot be installed."
    - Richard Dickson
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Sun tunnel skylights have a sleek design that makes them barely noticeable, yet their effect is far reaching. The skylights appear in the roof as a clear plastic dome that attracts sunlight and passes it through the tube before diffusing a soft glow into the room. “Sky tunnel skylights from manufacturers like Velux can make a big difference in a any small or dark room,” says Dickson.

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5 Tips to Keep Your Remodeling Project on Time and On Budget


Princeton Home Builder

A successfully managed budget is a partnership between the remodeler and the homeowners. 

Professional remodelers work hard to make sure their clients get the results they want at a price they can afford. Cost-control strategies include value-engineering, writing clear product specifications, and managing the work in the most efficient manner possible. Controlling costs is a responsibility the pro takes very seriously.

But the remodeler is just half the equation: a successful renovation is a partnership between the builder and homeowner, and there are things a homeowner needs to do to keep the project from going over budget. Most of these have to do with decision-making.

Most homeowners understand the importance of making timely decisions and minimizing changes once the project starts, but many lack a framework for making those decisions.

The following five remodeling tips will help any remodel come in on time and on budget.

1. Complete the creative process before work starts.

Some people have difficulty imagining how a finished space will look, so they postpone design decisions. For instance, they may want to wait to decide whether to have a cathedral ceiling in the addition until after the space has been framed, which may mean reframing certain parts of the structure. Building something twice obviously costs more than building it once. People who have trouble envisioning spaces should be clear with the architect and remodeler on this difficulty early in the design process.

2. Choose as many products as possible before work starts.

Even people who don’t have trouble envisioning spaces often want to change their minds about products and finishes after work gets underway. But changes always add cost, even if the substitute products are comparably priced. Take the example of choosing a different tub for the master bath. There will be administrative charges for ordering the new tub, canceling the original order, and maybe even returning the original tub. Depending on the stage of construction, the change could also delay the drywall while the builder waits for the new tub to arrive. That, in turn, could throw off the rest of the schedule.

3. Ask what everything costs.

Some people approach the remodeling process as they would an all-you-can-eat buffet. They sign the contract and then act as if they can add anything they want to the plate without financial consequences. Even if the extra costs are small—a more expensive faucet in the kitchen, a better grade of carpet in the bedroom—in the end it all adds up.

4. Learn to love multiple choices.

Rather than settling on one particular product, pick good, better, and best options for each product category. If the budget numbers start swelling, it may help to substitute that top-of-the-line lighting package for something less expensive that still works with the rest of the decor. Defining these options ahead of time makes the process a lot more efficient.

5. Leave plenty of lead time.

The more days or weeks between the homeowners product selections and when those products have to be installed, the better. That way, an unexpected delay from the product manufacturer or distributor won’t hold up the job.










Princeton Sunroom Addition

Featured Home - Harding

Brighten Up Your Day with a New Sunroom

This sunroom addition in Princeton was once a simple screened-in porch with limited access and few amenities. We tore it down and started from scratch to create an inviting year-round space to relax and entertain.

The breezy new sunroom features a volume ceiling with a paddle fan to circulate air without air conditioning. Its tall, elegant windows on three sides allow natural air and sunlight to fill the room, creating a pleasant, spacious aesthetic.

What’s more, the room will have a single-zone heat pump to provide heating and air conditioning year-round. Radiant heat is being installed under the tile for added comfort and to heat the room when a larger system is not needed.

This spectacular sunroom offers better access as well. The original screened-in porch could only be reached by walking through the living room. We added a connecting space to the kitchen to allow access from the rear deck as well.

Check back to see more photos of this exciting new project as it continues to unfold.

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