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Renovating Your Bathroom? 3 Ways to Make a Splash

Dickson Development Bathroom

The trend to watch: a clean break from built-in tubs with showers.

Bathroom and Shower Renovation Contractor in Princeton, NJ

Fewer improvements add more value to your home than a complete bathroom renovation.

Many of today’s most popular bathroom designs feature practical yet minimalist details, from contemporary vanities with open shelving, to modern, recessed lighting to cool, neutral color palettes. And it seems everyone wants a great shower.

Large oversized whirlpool tubs are being replaced with elegant walk-in showers. Freestanding, soaking bathtubs are gaining popularity as objects of art—the focal point of the room. In some homes, bathtubs are being added to the shower, instead of the other way around.

A Better Bathing Experience Is in the Details

It is a luxury to have a master bathroom with a separate shower and bathtub or a large wet room that includes a bathtub. It adds value to your home, improves your own experience and demonstrates an attention to detail. Here are three ways to make the most of your bathroom renovation:

  1. Walk-In Shower. If you have the space, a large walk-in shower is one of the most efficient ways to create a total spa experience right in your home. Think of your shower as a place to relax and unwind. Many walk-in showers feature body sprays, rain shower heads and seating. Frameless shower doors visually open the shower to the bathroom, and they also look fantastic.
  2. Freestanding Soaking Tub. When your bathtub is not attached to a wall, it opens up more than the space in the room. With so many shapes and sizes from which to choose, a freestanding tub creates nearly endless design possibilities. The tub provides a great accent to the tile, adds drama and interest to the room, and offers the therapeutic benefits of a long, deep relaxing soak.
  3. Bathroom Finishes. Interestingly, both contemporary and traditional cabinetry, lighting and ceramic tile are finding their place in today’s bathrooms. The choices are limitless and enable you to create your own special place.

A bathroom remodel creates a space of enjoyment for you and makes a significant difference in the overall value of your home.

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Kitchen Remodel Takes a Split-Level to the Next Level

Renovated Split Level - Princeton, NJ Home Builder

Kitchen Remodel to Open Floor Plan in Princeton

The enclosed kitchen before renovations began.

Alice remembers the first time she saw her new home in Princeton, NJ. Everything was perfect … except the house. “We loved the wooded property, the neighborhood, the walking distance to school,” she says. Yet, the classic 1960s-style split-level was gloomy and dated.

Spacious Open Floor Plan Blends Kitchen and Living Space Into One

Fortunately, Alice had the vision to see beyond the dark, closed-in space and shared her ideas with Richard Dickson. “He knew right away that this wasn’t just about renovating a kitchen; it was about taking down walls, putting a beam in the ceiling, updating the HVAC system,” says Alice. “It was about creating a contemporary space that worked with our family’s lifestyle.”

Dickson’s renovations made the best possible use of a small space, moving the cabinets to one side of the kitchen, and adding an oversized island that blends seamlessly into the living area. “I have three young children and spend half my day in the kitchen,” says Alice. “With a split-level home, I never feel very far from my kids,” she says.

Princeton Kitchen Expansion

The new open floor plan, nearing completion of the project.

This is one reason for the renewed interest in and respect for split-level homes. Dickson made a point to retain the character, charm and efficiency of a split-level floor plan. “The original kitchen didn’t feel very usable to us. It was cramped,” she says. In addition to opening up the entire first floor, Richard suggested adding recessed lighting and a neutral gray color palette.

“The transformation has been nothing less than dramatic,” says Alice.

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