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Prepping Your Home for Nicer Weather

Update your deck for summer - Princeton NJ

With the longer, colder days – hopefully — soon over, now is the time to think about dedicating a sunny weekend day for starting to prep your house for spring and summer. Some of the best ways to check your home’s post-winter integrity is to grab a pair of binoculars and scan your roof for […]

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3 Deck Remodels at Princeton’s Province Hill

Outdoor Kitchen and Deck Renovations - Princeton NJ

Outdoor Living Spaces for Every Taste and Lifestyle. Whether you are building a new deck or remodeling an old one, durability and function are just as important as a sharp design. You will want to choose the right materials. Make the best use of available space. Consider the various ways in which you plan to […]

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A Man’s Place in the Kitchen

Man Kitchen

Masculine Design Takes Center Stage in Kitchen Renovations. A cook’s kitchen is designed to merge function with style, and to accommodate the lifestyle of its chefs. When the chef is a man, as is often the case, his tastes and preferences will likely take center stage in the design of the space. But are they […]

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Dickson Development Celebrates 45 Years of Innovative Quality Construction

45 Years

Richard Dickson Is at Home Being a Truly Local Builder. Times change. Styles change. But your home should always be your personal sanctuary, says Richard Dickson. When Richard established Dickson Development in 1972, the all-American dream home was either a suburban split level or a Colonial. It was a time of rapid social and cultural change. The sweeping […]

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Renovating Your Bathroom? 3 Ways to Make a Splash

Dickson Development Bathroom

The trend to watch: a clean break from built-in tubs with showers. Fewer improvements add more value to your home than a complete bathroom renovation. Many of today’s most popular bathroom designs feature practical yet minimalist details, from contemporary vanities with open shelving, to modern, recessed lighting to cool, neutral color palettes. And it seems everyone wants a great […]

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Tips for Weatherproofing Your Home

Weatherproofing Your Home

Keep your home safe from the elements with these weatherproofing tips. The fall storm season is quickly approaching, making this a perfect time to protect your home from heavy rains and wind. Although the national hurricane season runs from June through the end of November, New Jersey and surrounding areas are most vulnerable to punishing […]

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Ask the Builder: Should I Buy a Generator?

Ask the Builder

You can weather almost any storm with the right source of power. The trees are down, the wind is howling and the rain is pounding on the roof. You are enjoying a candlelit card game with your kids. Waiting out the storm. The charm of a power failure wears out quickly, especially when the temperatures […]

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Which Home Improvement Projects Offer the Highest Return on Investment?


The desire for a better life motivates most homeowners to remodel, yet adding value is just as important. When people choose to remodel, it’s likely because they have envisioned a better version of their home that provides the family more options and a richer life. So it’s no surprise that a 2014 National Association of Homebuilders survey identified […]

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Sun Tunnel Skylights Brighten Up Any Room

Sun Tunnel Skylight

Let The Sun Shine In! Numerous studies show that exposure to natural light makes us happier and healthier, and maybe even more productive. When infused with home design, sunlight makes our living spaces more efficient as well. Yet many homes have rooms that get little or no natural light, such as bathrooms, hallways, closets and laundry […]

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5 Tips to Keep Your Remodeling Project on Time and On Budget


A successfully managed budget is a partnership between the remodeler and the homeowners.  Professional remodelers work hard to make sure their clients get the results they want at a price they can afford. Cost-control strategies include value-engineering, writing clear product specifications, and managing the work in the most efficient manner possible. Controlling costs is a […]

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