modern master bathroom Hopwell NJSince it first debuted in the 1926 Sears catalog as part of the then top-of-the-line Dutch colonial, the master bathroom has reflected the times. Pink and teal blue tile defined the mid-century master bath. Jacuzzi tubs marked the 80s. And the 90s brought master bathroom vanities complete with a double sink.

“Today in 2020, people want a spa-like sanctuary where they can relax and unwind,” says Bonnie Foster, project manager at Dickson Development. If you’re planning on a master bathroom remodel, Foster and the rest of the team at Dickson can offer up-to-date master bathroom layouts and designs to help you create your dream space.

Here are some of the most popular trends in master bathroom designs:

Out with the old, in with the new. The 2020 master bathroom is modern and minimalist, Foster says. This means neutral tones, geometric shapes, and clean lines. White or wood vanities and countertops with splashes of greenery set the stage for serenity.

Fashionable floors.  Master bathroom flooring has gone from purely functional to a key part of the room’s ambiance. People want stylish, high-quality flooring that holds up to normal bathroom wear and tear. The same goes for the floor in the master bathroom shower space. Popular materials include porcelain tile, luxury vinyl, and engineered wood.

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New Classics

Specialty lighting. Current top trends in master bathroom design incorporate lighting into the actual architecture, Foster says. Recessed lights, strip lighting in shampoo niches and under cabinet toe-kicks, wall-mounted fixtures, and decorative chandeliers and pendants are just a few examples of master bathroom lighting ideas. Energy-saving LED lighting is also hot, as are separate controls for lighting that allow users to set the perfect mood for how they intend to use their bathroom space.

Space for stuff. As we spend more time in our master bathrooms, we want additional storage for fluffy towels and toiletries. In response, current bathroom trends include upgraded vanities and cabinets with plenty of drawers and shelves.

Tubs that stand free. Not only do they provide a place to relax and rejuvenate at the end of a long day, soaking tubs add an artistic element to any master bathroom plans. In terms of style, modern has replaced traditional when it comes to free-standing tubs. Gone are claw feet, and in are curvy, spacious tubs that sit flat on the floor.

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Personal Touches

Creative use of tile. Want to add some color and personality to your master bath? Do so with master bathroom tile. “Whether it’s splashes here and there or on an entire accent wall, unique shapes and patterns, bold shades, and irregular cuts in tile can all add texture and flare to your master bathroom design,” Foster says.

Techy toilets. It’s not your grandmother’s carpet-covered toilet anymore. Master bathroom toilets in the twenty-first century are sleek and modern with optional bells and whistles, like self-cleaning, heated seats, bidets, overflow protection, and built-in night lights. Tankless toilets—which conserve water and take up less space—are also popular.

Mod mirrors. Today’s master bathroom mirrors offer both form and function. Says Foster, “a bold, asymmetrical framed mirror can instantly add a chic element to your master bathroom décor.”

Elegant Finishes

Brass fixtures. After decades of brushed chrome and stainless steel, brass master bathroom fixtures are back in style. “Brass finishes give an air of sophistication that makes the master bathroom feel even more special,” Foster says.

Marble in the master bath. Whether it’s on wallpaper or the real thing, marble is a timeless way to add a touch of luxury to any master bath. And marble is totally versatile—you can use it anywhere from the top of your master bathroom vanity to the floor to shower walls.

Working with a Professional

As you embark on a master bathroom remodel, of course you want to stay current, both in layout and design. From the first sketches to finishing touches that make your master bathroom distinctly your own, let the experts at Dickson Development be your best guide.

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