Let The Sun Shine In!

Numerous studies show that exposure to natural light makes us happier and healthier, and maybe even more productive. When infused with home design, sunlight makes our living spaces more efficient as well.

Yet many homes have rooms that get little or no natural light, such as bathrooms, hallways, closets and laundry rooms. Dimly lit corners and other dark spaces come to life with solar skylight tunnels. These flexible tubes funnel light from the roof to the ceiling and into just about any corner of the house.


After – Natural light through any type of roofing or structure.

  • "Sun tunnels have flexible shafts that allow us to install them in many hard-to-reach areas where skylights cannot be installed."
    - Richard Dickson
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Sun tunnel skylights have a sleek design that makes them barely noticeable, yet their effect is far reaching. The skylights appear in the roof as a clear plastic dome that attracts sunlight and passes it through the tube before diffusing a soft glow into the room. “Sky tunnel skylights from manufacturers like Velux can make a big difference in a any small or dark room,” says Dickson.

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Photos courtesy of VeluxUSA.com.